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About Seansoft Corporation.

Started as a U.S. Corporation in 2005, we have a track record of creating innovative software and services that enable organizations to reach their goals. Seansoft in the U.S. has worked with small and large companies, working with partners to scale up to hundreds of developers making world class software using the latest in agile development methodologies. Seansoft has also invented patentable ideas for customers, some of which are working their way through the U.S. patent office at this moment.

In 2009 we began utilizing the development talents found in the Philippines. After 6 months of working with various groups we decided to start our own company there. With an office in Ortigas Center (Pasig City) we have a view which inspires us to be humbled and to think big.

We have continued to create innovative solutions and delivered products and services that excite our clients and customers everywhere. Come see what you have been missing.

Sean Walker

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U.S. Office Address: 13147 Hannover Ct
Apple Valley, MN 55124
Philippine Office Address: Megaplaza Building Unit 611
ADB Avenue
Pasig City
Metro Manila 1605
visit us at 1 3 1 4 7 hannover court, apple valley, minessota. 5 5 1 2 4.
visit us at Megaplaza Building Unit 6 1 1, ADB Avenue, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines. 1 6 0 5.
"We leverage synergies to further enable and empower partnerships which synthesize future opportunities into maximum revenue growth. Oh yeah, and we build software too"

Message to Clients.

As a thriving business you have special needs. Such needs cannot be predicted nor molded into what a vendor may prefer to do. You need a dynamic, flexible vendor to respond with experience and dedication to your specific situation. You need to take advantage of your market conditions without delay. We understand. We respond. We deliver.


  • Agile, SCRUM
  • XP development methodologies Application Architecture
  • Design and Development Offshore Team Management
  • Ajax, JQuery, Windows Mobile


  • Custom .NET Solutions
  • SharePoint Solutions
  • .NET SQL Server
  • Node.js Applications
  • Meteor applications on top of Node.js
we specialize in. Agile and SCRUM. XP development methodologies Application Architecture. Design and Development Offshore Team Management. A S P dot net, MVC, WCF. and ajax, JQuery and Windows Mobile.
we develop using the following platforms. Custom dot net Solutions. Share Point Solutions. dot net SQL Server. Node js Applications. and Meteor applications on top of Node js.

Want a job with us? Apply Now to get started on your way to a better career.

Want a job with us? Apply Now to get started on your way to a better career.
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